Georgia a top state for boys and girls D1 NCAA basketball recruits

When looking for basketball talent, the state of Georgia is apparently rich ground for NCAA division one prospects.

According to research, Georgia is ranked No. 3 for highest percentage of high school male players recruited by NCAA D1 schools, and also No. 3 on the same list for female players.

The percents were calculated using data from between 2013 and 2016, taking the amount of division one basketball recruits and dividing that by the number who were participants in basketball at that level during the 2015-16 NCAA season.

The data came from the National Federation of State High School Associations, and had Georgia at 3 percent for boys and 3.9 percent for girls.

The states of North Carolina and Maryland were also both in the top five on both the boys and girls lists, joined by Tennessee for girls, and Nevada and Virginia on the boys list.


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Blake Silvers is an editor at the Rome News-Tribune, and a contributor at Fansided. His work frequently appears on, and he has also written for Bleacher Report in the past.